MAZZARRI PRESS CONFERENCE: “The Pressure Motivates Me”

WALTER MAZZARRI met the national media this afternoon for the first time since being appointed Watford’s Head Coach.

Watch the full broadcast section of the press conference in the video above, and read on for some key quotes from the Italian’s media briefing.

On a tough opening set of 2016/17 fixtures:
“I know we have a very difficult start, but it also means that I am very curious to see how my players will be able to cope and fight against these teams. I have always been a very positive person so we’ll see how it goes on the pitch and then we will accept whatever comes out of it.”

On any concerns due to the turnover of Head Coaches:
“I don’t feel the pressure, actually the pressure motivates me. The pressure makes me work even harder. I agree that last year Watford did very well, reaching the semi-finals of the FA Cup, but I don’t like to look at what happened before. I am here to work now and I feel very comfortable and very motivated to do a good job.”

On whether he hopes to make any further additions to his squad:
“I spoke with the club, and being a new and experienced manager they allowed me first of all to evaluate the players that were already in the club. This is what I have been doing until now, and this is what I will also do in the next days. The club has said it’s no problem to go ahead for an extra two or three players if we need them, and I think we do.”

On his relationship with the Pozzos:
“I have known the Pozzos for some time and there has always been a good mutual relationship. There have even been times in the past when the president has wanted to work with me, but for one reason or the other this didn’t happen [until now].”

On his managerial style:
“I consider myself the boss of the group. For me it is very important that there have to be some rules, and there has to be mutual respect in a team or a group. I think victory comes from these principles. I consider myself more than someone who makes the rules, I am more like a father of the family. When it is needed we have rules, but it is almost like a father-son relationship.”

On the importance of Troy Deeney signing a new contract:
“It’s very important because when you go to a club you ask for some information and then they tell you here that Troy Deeney is the leader of Watford. He loves the Watford shirt and that for us is very important. He’s the captain and the leader of the team.”

Head back to tomorrow for exclusive behind-the-scenes press conference video footage.

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